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          Technological Innovation

          Rothwell focused on R&D of automotive body electronics inserted software, promote constantly improving independent innovation and software development ability.At present, Rothwell already got more than 10 invention authorized patents, 40 utility new model authorized patents projects and more than 40 software copyright certificates. Rothwell has undertook national torch program technology project, Jiangsu technology support program, Jiangsu province industrial transformation and upgrading special funds program, Jiangsu province industrialization and informatization confusion special support program. Jiangsu province key technology achievement transformation project and provincial technology project research tasks.
          “On- board intelligent combination navigation positioning instrument which based on Beidou system” has acquired the third award of Yangzhou technology progress; “automotive CAN bus control system” awarded as “Second award of Yangzhou technology progress”, “Key technologies of inertial multi-source high-accuracy integrated navigation positioning and measurement” which we cooperated with Southeast China university has won the second award of 2017 annual Ministry of Education technology progress.