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          High-tech equipment

          Rothwell now owns over 230 sets of various kinds of production and testing equipment,3 SMT production production lines,12 assembly production lines, 3 electronic insert lines, annual output of CAN bus control system products is 2million sets, over 0.8m auto air conditioning system products, 10 thousand new energy power control system. Main equipment includes:ASM(Siemens), PANASONIC ship shooting machine, DEK printer, KOH YOUNG online SPI(Automatic solder paste inspection detector),REHM non lead reflow oven, OMRON online AOI tester, ERSA selective soldering.

          Electronic production area is strictly adhere to the requirement of automotive electronic product processing and IPC regulations, and we strictly adopts electrostatic protection and dust proof measures and constant temperature and humidity settings to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.