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          • 2016 New Energy Automotive Policy Development Analysis Report  Release time:2016-01-28
            Main data from: autohome Data shows in Nov 2015, the new energy automotive manufacturing volume in China has reached 72,300. That figure is 7 times compares with the same time of last year&rsquo;s. During the period of Jan to Nov of 2015, the totally production volume of new energy automotive is...[Details]
          • PCB copy board: mass customization helper  Release time:2015-07-31
              The pace of development of new technologies is always beyond people&#39;s imagination, as people increasingly demand personalized, companies face the challenge of increasingly complex. Consumers by providing enterprise-way product selection is not met, the market began to enter a customization to meet...[Details]
          • Through the new power management technology innovation trends  Release time:2015-07-31
            Industry trends often driven by not fully meet the demand. Whether it is fashion, entertainment, politics, or power management also, there is such a phenomenon. Once a trend has been developing opportunities for public recognition, innovation also came into being. Although some trends like a flash i...[Details]
          • The basic principles of the design of printed circuit board diagram  Release time:2015-07-31
            1, a printed circuit board design, from the beginning to determine the size of the plate, the printed circuit board size chassis shell due to size restrictions, to be able to just install into the housing is appropriate, secondly, it should consider the printed circuit board and external component...[Details]